Thursday, June 25, 2020

Who needs roots? It's nice to see your Salon Sovay hair stylist after a very long shelter in place!

Here's a regular with the dreaded grow out.  We apply many tiny baby lights (think super skinny highlights...the opposite of chunky highlights) and bump her base up a level for an overall sunny, surfer glow.  We like to trick people into thinking her hair is just sun kissed! 💇

Monday, March 18, 2019

Surfer Blonde Highlights in South Austin with Salon Sovay stylist, Sovay Reeder

Here's a long term client who spaces her appointment every 4 to 5 months which saves her time and money!  We keep her base coat darker which adds more depth and dimension while adding the blondest touches to the front and ends of hair.  This color approach closely emulates how and where the sun would highlight her hair "naturally" if she spent time surfing every day.  This highlight aesthetic is gorgeous to the eye but also easy to maintain in that you can lengthen the time in between your visits to the salon!

Stylist: Sovay Reeder
Salon: Salon Sovay
Instagram:  @salonsovayatx
Phone: (512) 519-9937
Salon Sovay Address:  2444 S. 1st Street Austin TX 78704
Salon Sovay next door Address:  500 West Oltorf Austin TX 78704

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Great Icy Blonde balayage and highlight with Salon Sovay, Kelly Magee

Salon Sovay stylist, Kelly Magee, demonstrates her amazing color skills on our very own nail technician, Jenny. Jenny's natural color is Level 2/ Level 3 (think darkest brown) and Kelly successfully lighten her hair color gradually resulting in this masterpiece. Kelly used a full foil highlight technique utilizing the balayage coloring process on the remaining hair that was not captured in foil. In other words...full highlight and a balayage to boot. She finished with a color melt of Level 6V at the new growth to 2 inches down for added depth; Level 8 Silver Metallic/Level 8V to mid shaft of hair; Level 10 Silver Metallic/10 Platinum for icy blonde melt on ends of hair. Piece of cake, right? For any questions on color or general hair services with stylist Kelly Magee, feel free to text her direct at (479)422-8942.
stylist: Kelly Magee
instagram: @salonsovayatx
phone, salon: (512) 519-9937
phone, Kelly: (479) 422-8942
location: 2444 S. 1st Street Austin TX 78704
salon: Salon Sovay

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Lash Lift/Perm and Lash Tint with Esthetician, Tess @ Salon Sovay next door. Lash Perm/Lash Lift Before and After Picture

Lash Extraordinaire, Tess @ Salon Sovay next door, demonstrates how talented she is with meticulous attention to detail when it comes to optimizing one’s natural lash beauty. These are not lash extensions but, rather, the client’s natural lashes which are permed at the root to ends then tinted deep black.  The result = the prettiest, thickest, darkest, perfectly upward/curled lashes for her client.  These lashes are permed with a tiny perm rod and colored dark black. Results last 1 - 3 months. 

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Best Blonde in Austin Texas at Salon Sovay

Simple long layered haircut with subtle, surfer highlights on maintenance client. She comes in, on average, twice a year for touch up. We gently lift her base level, place thin highlights around her face and crown, and add more dramatic highlights to her ends resulting in sun kissed, beach highlights that came from my salon...not from the surf, unfortunately. 🏄‍♀️
Sovay Reeder
Salon Sovay, 2444 S 1st Street Austin TX 78704
Salon Sovay next door 500 West Oltorf Austin TX 78704
(512) 519-9937

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Salon Sovay, Austin Hair Salon Love :)

A wonderful shout out from another Austin Hair Salon announcing Salon Sovay made the Top 3  Best of Yelp 2018 Austin Hair Salon.
Thank you, Austin!
Salon Sovay  2444 S. 1st Street Austin TX
Salon Sovay next door. 500 W. Oltorf Austin TX
(512) 519-9937

Wednesday, August 1, 2018