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Gray coverage for women at Salon Sovay

  Natural looking gray coverage for women still seeking low maintenance hair but want some gray coverage, too.  This is a before/after for this client's initial visit with me for color.  As you can see on the left, she has quite a bit of pesky grays coming in - see the first 4 inches, in particular.  So this first visit included coloring her new growth with a 6NA (Level 6, Tone/Ash) and sprinkling a ton of skinny highlights towards the top of her hair (where her gray will begin to grow in again and be visible in a few months).  That said, I kinda felt like her back/bottom section of hair was a bit flat and too dark/drab so I threw in some chunkier blonde highlights there just for fun and to sexy it up a bit - why not?   Now, for future maintenance: 1) She’ll return to the salon every 4 to 5 months for demipermanent color to her newgrowth which will be a lovely blend.  2) She’ll add a few skinny highlights once a year.   Highlights do NOT have to be added very in this cli

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