Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pretty long layered haircut - before and after

So I specialize in long hair. I cut long hair, style long hair, perm long hair, smooth (Keratin treatment) long hair, and color long hair. This is a client of mine who prefers wearing her pretty hair long. We've gone shoulder length one time but weren't crazy about that look for her. One of the common problems with long hair, quite frankly, is that it gets boring. It's pretty and a bit boring, unfortunately. When I cut Julie's hair this time, we didn't want to take any length off because we want to encourage the length and growth but we wanted to put some more layers in it and jazz it up. Quite often, the top portion of the hair will look dull and flat and you have to go in there and spruce things up a bit with layers without giving it that dreaded "shelf" layering look or something too choppy. We also added some side fringe (also referred to as long bangs) per her request. I went really gentle on the "fringe" because I feared she might change her mind and not want them after I cut them. So I cut these to grow out well should she suffer from "bang commitment phobia". I always inform people what a commitment fringe and bangs are before we go there.

This before and after is a good example of putting the sexy back in a long hair style without compromising length. Her "before" picture was taken on 12/28/11 and the "after" picture was taken on 12/29/11. You should notice the length looking the same but way more volume in the layering to keep Julie happy and excited about her long hair :) - Sovay Reeder @ Salon Sovay

Thursday, December 8, 2011

"Bronde"...blonde and brown, that is

The new blonde is bronde...a mixture of both blonde and brown shades in hair. I have a lot of clients who have come in the last 6 months requesting darker shades of their traditional blonde highlights. Variations of this look are often referred to as "ombre". Ombre is French for shade or shadow.

Here is a client who requested more dimension in her hair color and shades of brown woven into the hair...very similar to the way hair highlights say, for example, if you surfed for a living and had salt and sun naturally highlighting your hair.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Red/Ginger Hair Color

Here is a photo of a great red/ginger hair color. This client is actually a natural blonde and we alter her hair color using a variety of red, blonde, and warm colors. This client has made me think seriously about going red...I just love this hair color. She looks amazing. ~ Sovay Reeder @ Salon Sovay