Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Natural Enhancement Services: Lash Perm & Lash Tint with Sovay, Aesthetician, Salon Sovay

Before Lash Perm and Lash Tint...front profile

After Lash Perm and Lash Tint...front profile

Before Lash Perm and Lash Tint...side profile

After Lash Perm and Lash Tint...side profile
After Lash Perm and Lash Tint...another side profile

I love creating subtle, natural beauty enhancements with lash perms and tints. These services really open up the eyes and makes them pop. They are great for those who lack pigment, curl, and definition in their eyelashes. Adding color and curl can change the whole appearance of the eyes, thus creating a whole new look for the face.~Sovay Reeder, Aesthetician & Stylist, Salon Sovay

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ombre and Long Layers with Stylist, Sovay, at Salon Sovay

This is a photo of a client I had last night.  I love her hair.  We do a soft Ombre color on her which involves lifting her base a bit to a medium brown (she has very dark brown hair naturally and a couple of feisty greys), adding some golden highlights and some very blonde highlights to the ends of her hair.  This results in a very subtle Ombre.  Ombre's can range from a very stark and distinct line of demarcation to a very gradual lightening and transitioning of hair color going from a darker color at the new growth to a much lighter color at the ends/tips of hair.  Whether or not to get a stark/distinct Ombre OR a more natural Ombre is up to the client.  In addition to her color, we do a long layer cut.  She has very thick hair so we make sure her layers are connected and thinned a bit to avoid the "choppy" layer look.  ~ Sovay Reeder, Stylist, Salon Sovay