Saturday, September 29, 2012

Aesthetic Boutique at Salon Sovay Offering Natural Permanent Cosmetic Applications in Austin, Texas

Salon Sovay is pleased to announce permanent makeup as part of its expanding portfolio of services in Austin, Texas.  Sovay Reeder, Aesthetician and Stylist, just finished certification training with Helen Snow, Permanent Cosmetics Center of Scottsdale.   Helen recently flew to Austin and taught a week long training program with Sovay which involved daily training, application, and education.

The Aesthetic Boutique at Salon Sovay features an array of options for clients seeking (natural looking enhancement) permanent or semi-permanent makeup processes, from eyebrow and lip tint to eyelash perm and permanent eyeliner. Sovay will focus only on natural looking permanent makeup enhancements to the face.  A complimentary consultation can be made with Sovay to discuss visual aesthetic desires of the client as well as discussing all questions/answers prior to making an appointment.  This ensures expectations can be met and a service appointment can be made only after completing a complimentary consultation.

Recently, some of our clients got their first taste of these processes:

Eyebrows...minutes after procedure

Lip Liner and Lip Fill...minutes after procedure

Lip Liner and Lip Fill...minutes after procedure

It's important to note these pictures do not reflect the end appearance but I wanted to show pictures at every stage of the tattoo process.  I will do my best to post pictures of these three clients weeks later to show you how the end product will look.  The end result should show by about one month and can be up to 50% lighter and less prominent than the above "post-op" photos.  ~ Sovay Reeder, Aesthetician, The Aesthetic Boutique at Salon Sovay  (512) 519-9937

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Salon Sovay stylist, Sovay, creates a beautiful perm/body wave

One day after perm and styled (she can't wash for 3 days but looking good!)
Immediately after perm front is still wet
After perm front profile close is still wet
Before perm front profile

Before perm back profile

Before perm side profile

My client came prepared for her appointment with photos of different curly/wavy hair designs and looks that were attractive to her.  We also took the time to reference previous perm client pictures of mine in this blog to help determine which size rods to use.  We made an educated guess to use alternating white and purple rods throughout her entire head.  Her last perm was at 12 years old (which was a great experience for her) and she was ready for round 2 some years later.  She had a great attitude and assured me she would not fear going "too curly" and was ready for the adventure...a true sport and great client attitude!