Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Corrective Eyelash Perm ~ before and after photos

Before - Side Profile.  Client permed her lashes herself (sorry for poor quality of picture)

Before - Front profile.  Clients permed her lashes herself

Before - close up shot so you can view the tangled state of her lashes after her at home attempt

So my client had previously attempted to perm her lashes herself at home after moving from New York and not finding a lash perm provider here in Austin, Texas.  I wanted to capture a "before" shot of this before I attempted to correct the lash curl pattern and show you the "after" shots.  
After ~ Side Profile.  Lashes are permed, curled, and more uniform

After ~ Front Profile.  Lashes are lifted, curled, and more uniform (my photography leaves a lot to be desired)

After ~ Aerial Shot.  Lashes are lifted, curled, and more uniform
This is, of course, more challenging than perming "virgin" lashes (lashes that have never been permed) but I was still up for the challenge...this is simply a "corrective perm".  I've been perming lashes since 2007 now and like a challenge every now and then :)   
~ Sovay Reeder    

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Nordic Blonde highlights by Sovay Reeder @ Salon Sovay

Nordic: Scandinavia, Finland, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands. Of or relating to a human physical type exemplified by the tall, narrow-headed, light-skinned, blond-haired people of Scandinavia.  
Various subcategories of blond hair have been defined to describe someone with blond hair more accurately. Common examples include the following:

Blonds of different varieties at WTMD's First Thursday series in Canton, BaltimoreMaryland, in June 2014
  •  blond/flaxen:when distinguished from other varieties, "blond" by itself refers to a light but not whitish blond with no traces of red, gold, or brown; this color is often described as "flaxen".
  •  yellow: yellow-blond ("yellow" can also be used to refer to hair which has been dyed yellow).
  •  platinum blond or towheaded:whitish-blond; almost all platinum blonds are children, although it is found on people in Northern Europe. "Platinum blond" is often used to describe bleached hair, while "towheaded" generally refers to natural hair color.
  •  sandy blond: grayish-hazel or cream-colored blond.
  •  golden blond: a darker to rich, golden-yellow blond. (Found mostly in Northeastern Europe, i.e RussiaEstonia)
  •  strawberry blondVenetian blond,honey blond or caramel blondreddish blond.
  •  dirty blond or dishwater blond:dark blond with flecks of golden blond and brown.
  •  ash-blond: ashen or grayish blond.
  •  bleached blondbottle blond, or peroxide blond terms used to refer to artificially colored blond hair. I'm not focusing on emulating the tall, narrow-headed, or light skinned aspect here...just the type of blonde hair that is common in the Nordic race.  When a client comes in a asks for platinum color...gonna be honest...I cringe.  I suppose I immediately think of fake, overly bleached hair that we often stereotype on Playboy models.  I just don't think it looks tasteful because, oftentimes, it is lacking dimension and the roots look pale yellow...not a light ash...and it just looks like something I used to create with my girlfriends in one of our bathrooms back in 7th grade (I starting experimenting with my own color techniques at a very young age and the outcomes were not always stellar).  So...clients have a right to request platinum hair AS LONG AS we both determine it will look great on them and their skin tone and AS LONG AS it looks like it's natural.  This means we make them look like natural towheads (see definition above in underlined text) because they came straight from Northern Europe - they're Nordic Blonds.  I'm completely ok with achieving this color of blonde and creating this color right in our hair salon because it will look as if it is entirely natural.  As long as it looks natural and looks like it could be their heritage ~ I'm fine.  I just can't stand fake looking light blonde hair....just not my style.  I want to make color look like it is completely natural...the client was never in a hair salon and did not have to pay hundreds of dollars...they just rolled out of bed with gorgeous natural great looks.  So, here's the bad news about the Nordic blonde highlight takes at least 2 to 3 hours (so it costs more) and about 200 plus foils - baby slices - packed tightly...then I slightly bump the base in between the foils to a light ash - NOT a yellow blonde base.  So, here's the good news...after we're done...voila...looks like the client came straight from Northern Europe...she's a Nordic blonde and her platinum hair is 100% natural...all compliments to her Northern European genes/roots...pun intended :)

Back Profile ~ So this is the "after" color.  Client is a natural dark ash blonde/light ash brown

Side Right Profile ~ So this is the "after" color.  Client is a natural dark ash blonde/light ash brown

Client is a natural dark ash blonde/light ash brown...but not anymore, she's a Nordic Blond now...all natural, wink :)