Sunday, June 28, 2015

Color Correction by Sovay @ Salon Sovay in Austin, Texas

After color correction visit; back profile
After color correction; side profile
BEFORE color correction; back profile
BEOFRE color correction; side profile

My client came in with a color/highlight gone bad.  Her hair was very fine and it's integrity was vulnerable to say the least.  She wanted me to make it prettier.  When asked to define what "prettier" meant she said she wanted the following things:

1) less orange/yellow tone
2) less visible roots/line of demarcation
3) not so white blonde on the ends
4) and overall "surfer" blonde where she had more dimension (depth of color at base transitioning to highlights at the bottom).

These were all reasonable expectations, however, we had the severe damaged state of her hair to consider when implementing change to her hair color.  I took the following steps to "color correct" her hair and let her know we would tweak the subsequent color corrections in increments of 2 months so her hair could rest and repair in between visits.  I also let her know my favorite inexpensive deep conditioning hair remedy to perform at least once a week in between our visits.  Here are the color corrrection action steps taken:

1) apply gloss treatment in 9NB (neutral tone) all over to entire head of hair...this would darken the ends and add some tone neutrality all over and seal her cuticle which would also make it look healthier
2) apply baby fine highlights to mohawk section (horizontal placement) and just one highlight on each of her sides (diagonal placement).  Her sides could only take one highlight packet a piece because the hair here was so damaged.
3) bumped her base coat up a half level to give a slightly lighter base at the roots in between the foils packets

See pictures for before and after.  This is a work in progress but I told her I promised I would make it look healthier and prettier in just one visit.  We did NOT cut any of her hair off as she would like to retain her length.