Friday, May 25, 2012

Color Correction by Sovay @ Salon Sovay

Before Color / Front Profile

After Color / Front Profile

Before Color / Side Right Profile

After Color / Side Right Profile
Before Color / Back

After Color / Back
So this was a really fun client with a 911 call from McAllen, Texas.  She was having a hard time finding a colorist to get the desired shade and it was getting extremely damaged in the process.  We spent about 10 to 20 minutes on the phone while she described her color travels and experiences and I was so excited to meet this head of hair!  When she walked in a week or two after our initial phone meeting, I noticed her hair immediately and understood her frustration.  I kept telling her I couldn't promise too much in our first visit because I was cautious about damaging her hair further, etc.  First, I needed to address the two levels of tonation present in her hair.  She had warm tones for the first 3 to 4 inches but the bottom 4 to 5 inches of her hair were light ash blonde.  I put a 9 level blue violet gloss on top (to neutralize/take away some of that orange and warmth) and put a 9 level yellow gloss on the bottom (to put pigment and warmth back in it).  Second, we put some lowlights and highlights spaced about 1/2 inch apart and a little closer up front where she wanted to see more blonde.  Her previous colorist was lifting her entire base and I told her I didn't want to do that (she didn't have any grey or white coming in and she's a natural level 7 so this was pointless).  My last step was doing a second gloss coat to make it appear much shinier, plumper, and healthy.  Bottom line, we did a ton of color work in three steps.  I was monitoring her hair after each step to make sure it seemed healthy enough to continue and it did!  The other issue was her choice of products and shampoo/conditioner.  We changed that protocol, as well, and I think the "after" shots were a great improvement for just one visit :)   ~Sovay Reeder@Salon Sovay

Natural color for summer ~ Highlights and Lowlights with Sovay @ Salon Sovay

front shot after "natural" looking highlights/lowlights

side shot after "natural" looking highlights/lowlights

back shot after "natural" looking highlights/lowlights

Quarter shot/right side after "natural" looking highlights/lowlights
So I would say about 70% of my hair practice focuses on maintaining highlights/color for clients.  Here is a client whose natural color is very light (level 8) and ash in tone.  When she arrived today, she had about 2 to 3 inches of new growth.  She doesn't have any preference for how I color her hair so I am free to do whatever I want.  In general, I find her to be extremely natural, pretty, and low maintenance with a job in nursing (she pulls it back in a ponytail) so I wanted to give her a natural looking color that would not show a strong line of demarcation when growing out (translation...I didn't want her to have bad "roots" forcing her to come often to get them done).  She also has very strong and dark eyebrows framing her eyes (pretty rare for a woman with such natural light hair) so I wanted to weave some lowlights back in to play off the eyes and give her plenty of dimension (her hair was getting a little too blonde all over).  I wanted this entire look to be natural so I did a fine weave (as opposed to a larger "chunkier" application) so her hair would look extremely natural as it grows out and the different colors would look very natural and "beachy".  I also put 2 closely packed foils of blonde real close to her front hair line to make it look like she laid out in the sun (I really like that look!)  I topped off her color with a clear gloss coat to make it super shiny and pop.  I imagine this color should stay pretty for about 2 1/2 to 3 months before she needs to get her new growth colored again.    ~Sovay Reeder@Salon Sovay

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Anthony Brown @ Salon Sovay ~ Male Design

Anthony Brown, a stylist at Salon Sovay, prides himself in his signature cuts.  He considers each client's natural hair texture, aesthetic goals, lifestyle, etc enabling him to create a unique work of art you can wear on your head!  This particular look, somewhat avant-garde in style, was inspired by the look of the fohawk (popularized by David Beckham among others) and the Pompadour (think John Travolta in the movie, Grease).          ~Anthony Brown @ Salon Sovay