Sunday, March 25, 2012

Shine/Translucent Color in Red Violet for Spring

Here's a regular client of mine...I think we have been working together for a few years now...and we have traveled all over the color wheel from different shades of blonde, brown, and reds.  Heather likes to change it up a bit...I know some of you ladies change your shade with the season (you know who you are) and, as a colorist, we welcome this opportunity but must keep hair integrity in mind while "color traveling".  So, I use PM Shines (Redken Shades EQ comparable line) A LOT with this in mind and get great results while not imposing too much damage to the hair.  Please see the following link for a great tutorial about this product.  Ignore the annoying sales pitch stuff but, rather, focus on the good product content and application.

Here's our most recent color per Heather's latest request of red violet...she wanted something with a punch.  She came in with our previous color which was a light brown base with honey I simply added 5 RV PM Shines on top of all the hair (process with dryer at least 25 + minutes) allowing us to preserve some dimension with the previous hilight work. She's happy with her new shade and I anticipate her requesting something entirely different in approximately 3 months :)   ~Sovay Reeder @ Salon Sovay

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Super Sexy Long Layers and Buttery Blonde for Spring from Charlie Hodges @ Salon Sovay

Here's a client of Charlie Hodges at Salon Sovay and his first picture addition to this of many, I am sure!  Charlie's talent in styling and color has such a broad range and here he demonstrates his expertise with beautiful long layered, blonde hair.  Charlie has applied color to her base and added select hilights throughout for added dimension.  The cut is a much requested long layered cut because it allows for so much style flexibility from cute ponytail to va-va-voom "Victoria Secret" gorgeous volume and wave. He polished the look with a beautiful blowout using a round brush approach allowing for maximum volume at the base and nice wave at the bottom.  Result...gorgeous.  ~ Charlie Hodges @ Salon Sovay

Beautiful Eyelash Perm and Tint at Salon Sovay

Here are some before and after pictures of a new client who has never tried an eyelash perm and found us when researching for an effective lash curler.  She has very coarse, straight lashes and stated that she was unable to find a lash curler that would be able to keep a curl in her lashes.  She stumbled across "lash perm" during her search for the perfect lash curler and began looking at some lash perm before and after photos and gave us a call to see if this might be a viable option for her.  During the assessment, it became obvious she had super stubborn lashes and I was going to use a more aggressive approach during the lash perming process.  This just entails applying lash perm from root all the way to tips and leaving the lash perm solution on a full 15 minutes.  If I have a client whose lashes are typically more responsive and less resistant, I simply apply the solution from root to mid-shaft and leave on 10 minutes (if they have fine textured lashes).  I'm happy with the results...we got a lot of curl.  I would explore different wave patterns in the future with her.  I love straightening the tips when I do an aggressive curl pattern to give the look of more length, etc.  The curl options are endless and completely depend on what we decide upon after a thorough discussion. I finished the look with a blue/black lash tint that perfectly highlighted her gorgeous light blue eyes.  The really fun part about this result is waking up in the morning looking like this when you are wearing absolutely no makeup!  Here are the different looks to achieve once you have this service:

1) The Natural Look ~ A fun trick to thicken the lashes without mascara is to use clear chapstick.  When you have your lashes permed and tinted it takes so little for an enhanced effect and a little chapstick kind of plumps them up and conditions them...this is a "no fuss, no makeup on my eyes but they look incredible" look.  Be careful to apply the chapstick from mid-shaft to ends only.  I know this sounds a bit unconventional but it works and who doesn't have chapstick in their purse? 
2) The Glamorous Look ~ If you want a more glamorous look, you can simply put a little mascara on and really emphasize the corners with a bit extra mascara...very attractive.
3) Conditioning ~ At night when you take your makeup off, apply just a little bit of vaseline mid-shaft to ends to condition them while you sleep...they look gorgeous in the morning.  Don't go overboard with application...just a little bit goes a long way and this really keeps your lashes shiny and moisturized and won't break the wallet.

 ~ Sovay Reeder @ Salon Sovay

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Caramel hilights and Platinum Color with a fun Pixie Hairstyle for Spring...from Jenna Herrington @ Salon Sovay

Actresses from Halle Berry to Emma Watson have opted for fun and liberating short haircuts when looking for a change in their look and style.  Here's an example of some Spring inspired color accompanied with the sporty and cute, "Pixie Cut".   ~ Jenna Herrington @ Salon Sovay

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Turning Partial Hilights to Ombre inspired color

Here is a client who came in with a pretty fair amount of hilights performed by another stylist.  She was discouraged by the amount of maintenance work it was going to take to continue this looking fresh without the dreaded "line of demarcation" we all fear with new growth. In other words, having to come in for a "partial hilight" appointment every 2 to 3 months.  She was looking forward to lower maintenance color but saving some of the hilight work that had been performed.  I put a few hilights up front immediately around her face, put the natural color back into the top portion of the hair, and used a light ash stain/gloss over the entire head of hair as my last step.  Now she can see me for a touch up in 3 months to 12 months...her color is now more flexible and lower maintenance since you will not see any noticeable new growth. Mission accomplished :) I have posted the "after" shots. ~ Sovay Reeder @ Salon Sovay

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Jenna Herrington's Asymmetric Bob Haircut

Hair stylist Vidal Sassoon became renowned in 1963 for his arresting asymmetrical modernistic version on the traditional bob haircut. Fast forward to present and Jenna Herrington is producing her own version inspired by Vidal Sassoon at Salon Sovay.  Here are some shots of the back and side profile and one shot of her mentor with his versions back in the day :) ~ Jenna Herrington @ Salon Sovay

Ash Blonde Hilights/Lowlights with Bob Hairstyle

I have one client who loves ash blonde.  She refers to this tonality as "mushroom" and "wheat".  I have a lot of clients who prefer ash blonde to warm blonde colors but this client, in particular, would probably never come to me again if I got any neutral and/or warm colors in her blend.  She actually likes it borderline grey...that's how "ash" we push it.  She's a fun color challenge.  So these pictures demonstrate how to take a neutral,warm, butter blonde to ash blonde.  We did a fun pixie bob cut that she found on the internet and wanted me to recreate it. ~ Sovay Reeder @ Salon Sovay

Before cut and color/ front profile

After cut and color/ front profile (she likes her color extremely ash/cool)

Before cut and color/ side left profile

After cut and color / side left profile