Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Looking for a possible solution to hair thinning? This may be of interest to you!

Viviscal Professional ~ helps to grow hair thicker and healthier

I am constantly asked about a product that can assist and encourage more hair growth where hair is beginning to receed and/or thinning aggressively.  To date, I have never had any solutions or products to suggest and came across this newer product that addresses this issue.  It is worth investigating and may work for you.  I, personally, do not sell this product but wanted to expose this information to anyone looking for some possible answers to the issue of hair thinning.  

Sovay @ Salon Sovay

Studies show that more than half of us (60% of American adults) experience hair thinning as we age. For many, hair loss takes an emotional toll. This is why we are so excited to offer this latest hair loss supplement: Viviscal Professional. Featured in leading beauty magazines like In Style, Elle, and Vogue, Viviscal Professional adds heath and thickness to your hair. And the product is 100% drug free, and can be taken in addition to other hair loss supplements like Propecia.
Working from the inside out, Viviscal Professional provides your body with the nutrients it needs to grow thicker, healthier hair. One of these nutrients, AminoMar, is a proprietary protein complex that was developed after research linked the healthy skin and hair of the Inuit to their diet — rich in protein and fish. Viviscal Professional also provides Biotin (Vitamin B7), which helps the body metabolize carbohydrates, fats and amino acids to create the building blocks for healthy, thick hair.
In a recent study, patients showed significant results after taking 2 tablets of Viviscal Professional for 6 months. 46% of the study participants saw a reduction in thinning and increased growth. 75% of participants reported increased thickness, and an increase in hair volume. None of the participants reported any adverse effects.
To ensure that you get the complete result, we sell Viviscal Professional in a 180 day supply . After 6 months, only one tablet of Viviscal Professional is needed to maintain the results.
Visviscal-user hair at 0 days, 90 days, and 180 days.
Visviscal-user hair at 0 days, 90 days, and 180 days.