Saturday, June 23, 2012

Salon Sovay stylist, Sovay Reeder, attempts to cover the gray

Sovay Reeder's client has 80% gray hair.  She's not ready for the gray "natural" look but doesn't want it to look extremely obvious that she colors her hair either.  It's Sovay's job to turn the clock back a bit by adding natural shades of ash blonde and ash brown highlights and lowlights. This starts by coloring the clients overall base a level 8.5 to her gray new growth (translucent color line with 7 volume...half ash/neutral color).   Afterwards, Sovay takes finely woven sections and colors them in blonde and brown accents. This client wanted an extremely natural look so we used a tiny weave application technique.  The tinier your sections, the more natural it tends to look.

After cut and color / side left profile

After cut and color/ side right profile

After cut and color /back profile

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Salon Sovay stylist, Jenna Herrignton, creates a "textured, versatile haircut"

Sara has super thick hair and wanted something very textured and Avant Garde that could style more than one way.

front center profile

back profile

left side profile

Monday, June 11, 2012

Salon Sovay stylist, Heather Davis, has fun with the Color Blocking method

Heather's client, Trish, has an adventurous, upbeat personality and wanted hair to match! Keeping depth in the top sections and vibrant bright reds underneath creates a lasting, workable style using color blocking techniques. 

front profile with Color Block

front profile

right profile

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Keeping hair natural and sassy with Heather Davis @ Salon Sovay

Like many women in Austin, Heather's client, Jo, wanted to have a fun and funky look while keeping it natural at heart.  Jo has been working diligently on letting her natural hair grow out.   Stylist Heather Davis' job was to create a cut that showcased her gorgeous new "natural" color (as opposed to salon color)  and keep it fun, youthful, feminine, and pretty.  What resulted was this sassy pixie cut.  This hair style perfectly displays her natural color which is a beautiful combination of steely silvers, chocolate browns and even sparkly white!  Who says natural gals can't have more fun?!?  This textured 'do is easy, natural, fun, and stylish for the Austin summer!  Way to go, Jo!                                                                                            

Jo's natural hair color ~ right side/ front profile

Jo's natural hair color ~ front profile

Salon Sovay stylist, Sovay Reeder, takes on Color Correction

Here's a client who called with a 911 emergency color request before leaving Texas for a job in another state. She had over processed platinum blonde hair and needed something softer, natural, and more flattering for her complexion. I deepened her overall base with a dark honey blonde gloss, leaving a T section out on top for a lighter color. I stained the T section on top an attractive butter blonde tone. This way she still feels blonde but the overall look achieves her aesthetic goals.  Here are the results...

front view "before" picture

front view "after" picture

back view "before" picture

back view "after" picture
side view "before" picture
side view "after" picture...I just love it...softer but so sassy!!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Lash Perm and Tint with Sovay @ Salon Sovay

Before lash perm and tint/front view

After lash perm and tint/side view
Before lash perm and tint/front view
After lash perm and tint/front view

Jenna Herrington's Vintage Wedding Up~do

Jenna Herrington's Vintage Wedding Updo

This is a picture from Salon Sovay stylist, Jenna Herrington, who had a wedding/bridal party (4 women in total) to style this Saturday, June 2, 2012 in Dripping Springs, Texas. This actual picture was just a trial run before the wedding to start the process and make sure her hair and the vision was perfect for the wedding day:) The bride's hair was inspired by classic vintage up-do hairstyles.
~Jenna Herrington @ Salon Sovay