Thursday, June 29, 2017

New glass mosaic tile wall going up at our second salon location, Salon door!

New glass mosaic mirror wall in progress at Salon door, our second salon location open 2 years ago! The project should be finished by July 1st! The front side (facing Oltorf St) is Farrah Fawcett surrounded by round brush angels receiving a heavenly coiffure - the angels are holding actual round brushes, of course. The back side contains more round brush angels and the words, "follow your heart...follow your art..."
Sovay Reeder @ Salon Sovay next door 500 West Oltorf Street Austin TX @salonsovayatx

(512) 519-9937

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Beautiful Balayage color with master Salon Sovay stylist, Kelly Magee

Balayage color applied by master stylist, Kelly Magee @ Salon Sovay. For an appointment with Kelly specifically, text (479) 422-8942. For information on all exclusive Salon Sovay and Salon door stylists/technicians, go to

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Hotheads Hair Extensions in Austin Texas by Sovay @ Salon door

Client desired added volume/thickness/and just a little extra length for an exciting family event coming up this summer. We added a few Hotheads extensions, 14-16 inch, and in 2 different colors to achieve just what she was looking for... a beautiful head of hair which gave her that extra kick in her step and added sparkle :) ~Sovay Reeder@ Salon door (512) 519--9937

Salon Sovay voted "Top 10 Hair Salons" in Austin, Texas!

Thank you to the amazing, talented technicians who make up Salon Sovay in Austin, Texas. I am forever grateful to all of you who work so hard to help our clients achieve their aesthetic potential! I'm so proud to call all of you my colleagues :). Sovay Reeder @ Salon Sovay. 2444 S. 1st Street & 500 West Oltorf Street Austin TX 78704

Sunday, June 4, 2017

From "Butterscotch Blonde" to dark/natural "Surfer Blonde" with master stylist Sovay Reeder @ Salon door

June 2017: Client came in requesting slight color correction. Color was too gold "butterscotch" and client wanted a more natural "surfer" darker blonde. Sovay Reeder @ Salon door (512) 519-9937

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Rooted blonde balayage and long layers with stylist, Kelly Magee @ Salon Sovay

Salon Sovay stylist, Kelly Magee, creates a rooted blonde balayage highlight and low layers for her client.

Victoria Secret long layers and beach/natural highlights for Summer 2017

Traditional, tiny highlights around front of face.  Hand painted highlights to tips of hair.  Client requested to take it easy on the layers - she only gets a haircut twice a year and doesn't blow dry her hair...super low maintenance friendly cut.    ~  Sovay Reeder @ Salon door

Hot Heads Hair Extensions/Hairtalk Hair Extensions

Extensions: Hot Heads extensions/Hairtalk Extensions. 30 pieces, 14-16inches, two different shades of brown 
Stylist: Sovay Reeder 
Address: Salon door 500 West Oltorf St. Austin TX 78704 
Direct appointment line for Sovay: (512) 586-7494 text
Comments: Client had extremely damaged hair, was thinning towards ends. Desired longer, thicker hair. I added 30 extensions and textured/thinned the ends of extensions only to match rougher texture of client's natural hair. This resulted in overall fluidity and natural texture throughout.

Red Poppy inspired color and bob

Color: Dimensions of red/pink undertones
Haircut: Bob
Stylist: Sovay Reeder @ Salon Sovay
Contact for an appointment with Sovay: (512) 586-7494
Salon website:
Address: Salon door 500 West Oltorf St. Austin TX 78704
Comments: Long term client who asked me to match her hair color today to the pink/red tones found on my "Becca" photo - see her shoes and surrounding flowers. 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Lash Perm in Austin

I'm happy to announce we now have 4 practitioners specializing in lash perms and lash lifts within our two salons:  Salon Sovay and Salon door!  I recently trained Licensed Aesthetician, Tess, at Salon door beginning late 2016...we have been working and training together for a few months now and Tess is mastering this detailed service.  Here's a before and after photo of her client who received a lash lift (just a lift with slightly less curl than a lash perm) and lash tint.  500 West Oltorf Street  Austin, TX  78704  (512)519-9937

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Opal/Pastel balayge by stylist, Kelly Magee, at Salon Sovay

Stylist Kelly Magee was given the color inspiration of the opal ball (bottom left photo) as her client asked her to create a similar color spectrum on her hair. No problem! These are not extensions - this is the client's hair (she has amazing thick, dark blonde hair naturally - top left photo). Kelly took her client's medium blonde hair to a platinum canvas and carefully applied an array of pastel/opal colors per her client's request (bottom middle and right photo)😊 

Kelly Magee @ Salon Sovay (479) 422-8942 for an appointment 

Salon Sovay  2444 S 1st Street Austin TX 78704

Victoria Secret Cut and Color with stylist, Sovay Reeder, at Salon door door stylist, Sovay Reeder, creates beautiful surfer girl inspired highlights and a long layered haircut for her client. This is a long term client who waits about 8 months in between color visits so we have to make sure the color will grow out gently with no noticeable line of demarcation. The first step was bumping her overall base up 1 level. Then tiny foil slices were placed on the very front of her side fringe bangs and balayage color/painted highlights were placed towards the back and ends of her hair to ensure great looking color for the next 8 months. 

Stylist Sovay Reeder @ Salon door 500 West Oltorf Street Austin TX 78704.      (512) 586-7494 for an appointment request with Sovay

Sunday, March 12, 2017

More beautiful natural eyelashes...Eyelash Perm/Lash Lift with Sovay @ Salon Sovay.

Salon Sovay stylist, Kelly Magee, gets some fresh highlights for herself today!

Stylist Kelly Magee @ Salon Sovay needs to get her color refreshed from time to time, as well. Here's an after shot of Kelly's hair after some fresh highlights! For an appointment with Kelly Magee @ Salon Sovay, please text her at (479)422-8942. For more information about Kelly @ Salon Sovay, go to, press the Creatives tab, press on Kelly's photo to read more about Kelly's services and prices!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Beautiful Brown and Dark Blonde Highlights with a Perfect Long Layered Cut. Sovay Reeder @ Salon door (our sister salon and second location!!)

Salon door stylist, Sovay Reeder, creates a pretty bronde (a color medley of brown and blonde) using both traditional foil and balayage painting techniques. We followed with a pretty, long layered signature Sovay cut which is a perfectly connected layered cut, face frame layers around face, side fringe bangs but still ponytail friendly. Salon door. 500 West Oltorf Street Austin TX 78704 (512) 519-9937

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Partial Highlights and Long Layered Haircut with Stylist Sovay Reeder @ Salon door

Partial highlights (client preferred her natural darker blonde color to come through underneath) and long layered haircut with Sovay Reeder @ Salon door. 500 West Oltorf Street Austin TX 78704 (512)586-7494