Saturday, November 19, 2016

Growing your hair out from a bob? Read on to see if this cut and color is for you! Sovay Reeder @ Salon Sovay

My client had a super cute graduation bob for a few years and announced six months ago she wanted to explore the possibility of having a long hairstyle again. know when you grow your hair from short (we shaved the neck area in the back - it was a short stacked graduated bob) to long (think Victoria Secret hair/long) it's gonna be an adventure...and sometimes those cuts in between don't look so cute.  So this is our first haircut in six months...we just shaped it up a bit...the back hair by the nape of her neck had to be cut, layers were shaped throughout, and we kept the overall graduation with the movement of her hair transitioning to a longer length in the front.  We did this just for fun so it wouldn't look like a boring transitional cut but, rather, a sassy intentional cut - a graduated lob (long bob).  

Now...for the color. I mentioned, she is only coming in every six months now because she wants to grow her hair very long.  So I had to achieve some fun, surfer girl highlights (think bayalage/ombre inspired) with her natural color very present at the top to prevent the dreaded line of demarcation that occurs around week six.  This color will look good for six months, as will the cut.  I told her we should be at a very desirable long layered haircut within six to eight months after this she can feel sexy and sassy throughout that dreaded "growing out" phase!  

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Sovay Reeder, owner/stylist

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