Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jenna Herrington's Ombre Hair Color Art

Our newest salon stylist member, Jenna Herrington, is off to a great start.  Here's an example of her work on a client requesting the Ombre hair color.  There are many ways to achieve this look (darker color level transitioning to a lighter level of color).   This line of demarcation can be bold and distinct to gradual...completely depending on the individual desires of the client.  Jenna Herrington can achieve many different Ombre color results and here you can see a picture of a client requesting a brown base to the new growth with a strong transition to red and blonde tips/ends of hair.  Jenna is available for appointments and can be reached at (909) 291-5320 via text or voicemail.  ~ Jenna Herrington @ Salon Sovay

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  1. This is one gorgeous job of a hair style. I hope the client was very pleased with the talent. Jenna Harrington is a talented hair dresser and it must have taken her hours to achieve that look. That Ombre style would look horrid on my very dark hair but it worked to a tee with this client. Good work! Lynda Pringle


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