Thursday, April 12, 2012

Foil Highlight to new growth with pink sunglasses to protect the innocent

Before Hilites with visible new growth

After Hilites with no visible new growth
There are three basic techniques for hair highlight:
1)Foiling, done only in salons, involves applying lightener to many fine strands of hair and individually wrapping them in foil. This process is the easiest to control and can be done closest to the new growth; it usually will get you the very best results.
2)Hair painting, which can be done at home or also by a colorist, is simply applying lightener randomly to the hair with a small brush.
3)The third (and oldest) method doesn't produce the best results and is out of favor at salons, though it's still available in home kits. You place a plastic cap with small holes on your head, pull strands of hair through the holes with a small hook and then apply lightener to them.

We've chosen the first technique, basic foiling, to highlight her new growth.  I finished with a 9NB PM Shine gloss applied to new growth and transitioning out a couple of inches.  This helps her hair grow out more naturally (softens line of demarcation) and it's a great shine top coat to any color work.  I colored pink sunglasses on her because she's a student going on no sleep and she wasn't feeling picture ready but I thought her hair definitely was ready for the camera.  She has such pretty hair and it's so tempting to photograph it for you guys to see.  ~ Sovay Reeder @ Salon Sovay

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