Saturday, April 13, 2013

Permanent Makeup/Cosmetics and Eyelash Perm and Tint

Before Photo

After Photo

Before Photo:
So this is a client of mine who gets her eyelashes permed and tinted by me. After I received my license to perform permanent makeup/cosmetics, she was eager to improve and strengthen her eyebrow arch and also wanted to try upper and lower eyeliner. Now, this is not a becoming "before" shot...I had a numbing gel on her eyebrows and then remembered I needed to take a photo prior to starting my work so I could document the results. So please ignore the numbing gel evidenced on her brows. Opportunities regarding the eyebrows: I wanted to strengthen the arch and add some color mid brow to end of brow. Opportunities regarding her eyes: she does not wear any eyeliner due to sensitivity and skin allergy conditions so eye makeup really was not an option. I wanted to add some nice charcoal colored eyeliner top and bottom to enhance her pretty brown eyes. Opportunities regarding her eyelashes: She has wonderful coarse and long lashes but they turn down and are stick straight. They also turn in towards the nose, they do not naturally flare out. So when I permed her lashes, I pattern the lashes to flare out and perm them in this place. So...we had a lot of fun opportunities hoping to create a more vibrant, awake, and beautiful look!

After Photo:
Here is her "after" picture we took today on Saturday, April 13th. We're both pretty excited about it. The neatest thing is that this is maintenance free and she is not wearing any mascara, eyeliner, and eyebrow pencil. What a relief considering summer is right around the corner and who can wear makeup in the heat and still look glamorous? My client enjoys time outside gardening and can now look glamorous while tending to her plants...she deserves to look only the best on any occasion!  ~ Sovay Reeder, Aesthetician, Salon Sovay

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