Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mullet inspired long layered haircut with stylist, Sovay, at Salon Sovay

This 5'10 Nordic goddess is optimizing her hair potential now!  She brought pictures of mullet inspired '80's long layered haircuts that scared the living daylights out of me...seriously.  Man, I'm not a big fan of mullets.  For one, I can't stand to aggressively cut the front quadrants of the hair on the head (that would be the area 1 to 2 inches from the front hairline).  This hair area never seems to grow as fast as the back 2 quadrants of the head and it's not as thick.  Mullet inspired layered cuts whack the heck out of the front 2 quadrants...scary.  We went on and on during her initial hair consultation about pros and cons regarding the looks she was desiring.  She successfully convinced me to give her a millennium version of the long layered mullet inspired cut.  During her persuasive endorsement of this haircut, she really liked how it complimented her strong cheekbones and accentuated her eyes.  Well, in the end, she was spot on and my hesitations were incorrect.  As for color, she just told me to make it really blonde...that was it...she gave me much more artistic flexibility in that department.  I did a partial highlight with extremely fine weaves and slices.  I made the slices and weaves fine to soften her line of demarcation as it grows out...she's a college student and does not have time to get another color for quite some time.  After that, I went back and blonde tipped her bangs on the ends only (about 1 inch to the ends).  I wanted to see extreme blonde right next to her eyes to brighten them.  She's all makeup in both photos and I think this effectively demonstrates the power of color and cut on the face.  We had fun!
front profile ~ after

front profile ~ before
side profile ~ before

side profile ~ after

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