Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Corrective Eyelash Perm ~ before and after photos

Before - Side Profile.  Client permed her lashes herself (sorry for poor quality of picture)

Before - Front profile.  Clients permed her lashes herself

Before - close up shot so you can view the tangled state of her lashes after her at home attempt

So my client had previously attempted to perm her lashes herself at home after moving from New York and not finding a lash perm provider here in Austin, Texas.  I wanted to capture a "before" shot of this before I attempted to correct the lash curl pattern and show you the "after" shots.  
After ~ Side Profile.  Lashes are permed, curled, and more uniform

After ~ Front Profile.  Lashes are lifted, curled, and more uniform (my photography leaves a lot to be desired)

After ~ Aerial Shot.  Lashes are lifted, curled, and more uniform
This is, of course, more challenging than perming "virgin" lashes (lashes that have never been permed) but I was still up for the challenge...this is simply a "corrective perm".  I've been perming lashes since 2007 now and like a challenge every now and then :)   
~ Sovay Reeder    

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