Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Eyelash Lift/Lash Perm Service with Sovay Reeder @ Salon Sovay in Austin, Texas (512) 519-9937.

Eyelash Perm/ Eyelash Lift ~ Before

Eyelash Perm/ Eyelash Lift ~ After
Hi there and welcome to the Salon Sovay and Salon door blog :)  As of August 17, 2016, we now have 3 providers - YES!! - who perform this amazing service (Sovay, Jenny, Veronica at Salon Sovay).  We are all located at our first salon location, Salon Sovay, and I am planning on training other providers at our second salon location, Salon door.  Pictured above is a loyal and devoted client, Shiu Mei, who has been seeing me for lash perm/eyelash lift services for about 10 years now!  So...Shiu Mei and I (respectfully) disagree on the overall lash lift/lash perm aesthetic for the "after look"...she likes a very aggressive curl pattern (the lashes curl backwards) and makes me use a smaller rod...while I would prefer using a much larger rod for a softer and super natural "C" curl (the lashes fan out and feather out as opposed to curl backwards).  She let me get away with my wishes and my taste for the last few visits but had to have a heart to heart with me today about instilling her will/wishes...and she won after 10 minutes duking it out...hehe.  We have compromised on a tighter curl pattern per her wishes...they are HER lashes, after all, and I want her happy!  She made some great points supporting her wish for a tighter eyelash perm and lash lift including 1) the lash perm lasts longer when it's done "tight" and 2) because her natural lashes are so straight and stubborn (they won't curl with a eyelash curler), she simply wants to see CURL...tons of curl.  She was so happy with the after look and it was raining this entire week (many of you know lashes will not stay curled in the rain UNLESS you have a eyelash perm/lash lift).  She was ecstatic and her smile makes me happy :)

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