Saturday, June 23, 2012

Salon Sovay stylist, Sovay Reeder, attempts to cover the gray

Sovay Reeder's client has 80% gray hair.  She's not ready for the gray "natural" look but doesn't want it to look extremely obvious that she colors her hair either.  It's Sovay's job to turn the clock back a bit by adding natural shades of ash blonde and ash brown highlights and lowlights. This starts by coloring the clients overall base a level 8.5 to her gray new growth (translucent color line with 7 volume...half ash/neutral color).   Afterwards, Sovay takes finely woven sections and colors them in blonde and brown accents. This client wanted an extremely natural look so we used a tiny weave application technique.  The tinier your sections, the more natural it tends to look.

After cut and color / side left profile

After cut and color/ side right profile

After cut and color /back profile

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