Saturday, June 9, 2012

Keeping hair natural and sassy with Heather Davis @ Salon Sovay

Like many women in Austin, Heather's client, Jo, wanted to have a fun and funky look while keeping it natural at heart.  Jo has been working diligently on letting her natural hair grow out.   Stylist Heather Davis' job was to create a cut that showcased her gorgeous new "natural" color (as opposed to salon color)  and keep it fun, youthful, feminine, and pretty.  What resulted was this sassy pixie cut.  This hair style perfectly displays her natural color which is a beautiful combination of steely silvers, chocolate browns and even sparkly white!  Who says natural gals can't have more fun?!?  This textured 'do is easy, natural, fun, and stylish for the Austin summer!  Way to go, Jo!                                                                                            

Jo's natural hair color ~ right side/ front profile

Jo's natural hair color ~ front profile

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