Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Color Correction from Orange to Blonde with stylist Sovay @ Salon Sovay

Before Color Correction with a nice shade of Orange

After Color Correction with a nice shade of Blonde

This is a fun color correction with a client who was doing some experimental color art at home and the color turned a nice hue of orange.  This happens from time to time and, as stylist, we are used to seeing a variety of orange colors resulting from at home color experimentation.  I always encourage clients to paint away at home as long as they can handle the worst case scenario.  In this case, my client had a great attitude about her at home hair color but was ready for some professional color.  She showed me some pretty color shades on her personal pinterest page and they consisted of light blonde on top with shades of brown on the bottom.  This was very popular a few years ago (around 2006ish)and I was excited to revisit this look and create it for her...she had a beautiful face and, quite frankly, would look great with any color.  The "after" picture does not show the color very well but we added some dark brown color to her hair on the bottom layers...hard to see against the black cape but it's there:)  ~Sovay Reeder @ Salon Sovay

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