Thursday, December 27, 2012

Natural Permanent Cosmetic Applications in Austin Texas Permanent Makeup in Austin Texas. Cosmetic Tattoo in Austin Texas. Micropigmentation at The Aesthetic Boutique at Salon Sovay in Austin Texas

Here is an example of  natural looking pigment enhancement (or commonly referred to as permanent makeup) to my clients eyes.  I applied eyeliner to the upper eyelid only. We wanted to apply a very fine, natural liner.  The goal here is to make enhancements that would easily pass for beautiful eyes she was born with...without any help from the micropigmentation wand.  Incidentally, we also performed an eyelash perm and an eyelash tint to her eyes 1 week prior to this permanent makeup service so we "enhanced" the look of her eye optimally :)
At the Aesthetic Boutique at Salon Sovay, we use the Harmonix (Permanent Makeup) Digital Machine.  The needles hit the skin approximately 1800 times per minute, so you can complete procedures quickly.  This particular machine is manufactured in Germany and is top of the line.  ~ Sovay Reeder @ the Aesthetic Boutique and Salon Sovay

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